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September 25, 2015 ~ 0 Comments

“How Low Can You Go?” – Tackling the Civic Participation Challenge in California

By Efrain Escobedo Over the past decade, California has been doing the Limbo when it comes to civic participation. With the exception of the presidential election of 2008, we have continued to see the voter participation bar get lower and lower. A comparison of midterm elections in 2002 and 2014 shows a decline of almost  Read More…

October 30, 2013 ~ 1 Comment

Unsung Hero Donald Manelli, Care Harbor’s President and Founder

Editors Note: Donald Manelli is the President and Founder of Care Harbor, an organization producing free clinic events that provide medical, dental and vision services to thousands of   uninsured and underinsured in our community.  Mr. Manelli was selected as the California Community Foundation’s 2013 Unsung Hero of Los Angeles because of the work he has  Read More…

October 16, 2013 ~ 4 Comments

2013 Unsung Hero Sophie Alpert: Rebuilding Lives, Piece by Piece

Editors Note: Sophie Alpert is the founder of the nonprofit organization Piece by Piece, which offers mosaic workshops and materials free of charge for residents in the underserved communities of Los Angeles.  Through sales of their artwork, Piece by Piece provides opportunities for participants to earn supplemental income, with the goal of empowering each person  Read More…