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December 23, 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Increasing Civic Participation through Citizenship

New Americans Opportunity FundU.S. citizenship is transformative for immigrants and communities. Not only does a naturalized citizen gain the right to vote, they also see an 8-11 percent increase in their income. They enjoy the freedom to travel abroad without restrictions, are protected from deportation and can become engaged members of their communities.

More than 755,000 immigrants in L.A. County are eligible to naturalize. Unfortunately, over the past eight years, the number of people applying for citizenship has continuously declined. Several barriers have kept many from applying, including increased fees, fear of the exam and lack of knowledge about the benefits and process.

CCF aims to enable immigrants to fully participate in the social, economic and civic life of L.A. County to add to our region’s strength and resilience. To achieve this, we are partnering with immigrant rights organizations, major Spanish-language media outlets and the City and County of Los Angeles on an unprecedented campaign. ¡Protégete!…¡Ciudadania Ya! (Protect Yourself! Citizenship Now!) launched on Nov. 10 and is providing information, workshops and other important resources for individuals to learn about citizenship and naturalize.

To support the New Americans Opportunity Fund in making citizenship a reality for hundreds of thousands of L.A. County residents, visit calfund.org/newamericans. Your donation will assist with application fees and other critical services.

This is part of a series of Giving Season posts to inspire generosity and positive change in Los Angeles County.

December 18, 2015 ~ 0 Comments

5 Unexpectedly Fun Ways to Volunteer


By L.A. Works

Who says serving others can’t be fun? Here are five out-of-the-box volunteer projects from L.A. Works that’ll have you coming back for more! (Open to everyone for short- or long-term commitments.)

1. BEAUTY AND CHARM: Facials! Manicures! Snacks! Help women transitioning out of homelessness feel like a queen for a day, when you pamper them with makeovers at the Good Shepherd Center near downtown L.A. (Check schedule in Jan.) http://bit.ly/1QRlolG

2. GOT RHYTHM: Skip the nightclub one Friday a month and hit this dance floor instead! Dance with special needs kids and adults at the BCR Center in Burbank. Their favorite jam? Anything Michael Jackson, Let’s Get It Started by The Black Eyed Peas, and of course, Gangnam Style. http://bit.ly/1JhgxEf

3. CREATIVE CORNER: Inspire kids from low-income neighborhoods to build art and science projects in a fun-filled factory in Gardena called T4T (Trash for Teaching). Here, industrial plastics, fabrics and foam are spared from the landfill and used for learning! http://bit.ly/1RXouW9

4. TUNE UP TIME: Roll up your sleeves and get out the elbow grease. UCP Wheels for Humanity in North Hollywood is a great place to get your hands dirty by repairing wheelchairs for the disabled in impoverished countries. http://bit.ly/1PbsRud

5. FURRY FUN: This no-kill animal shelter in Hawthorne cares for dozens of abused and/or abandoned rabbits of all shapes and sizes. Feeding and cuddling bunnies makes cleaning their cages all worth it! http://bit.ly/1Pe1Xnt

For more fun and meaningful volunteer projects that fit your busy schedule, check out our opportunity calendar at laworks.com.

L.A. Works connects committed volunteers with organizations dedicated to making a significant, visible and lasting contribution to Los Angeles. Since 1991, the organization has mobilized and led volunteers to contribute more than a million hours to L.A. Learn more at laworks.com.

December 16, 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Finding a Permanent Solution to Ending Homelessness

Home L.A. FundOn any given night, there are more than 40,000 homeless individuals and families in Los Angeles County, and the numbers continue to rise. Next to comparably sized cities, the cost of living here is among the highest, yet Angelenos earn less income. Our donors have a long history of supporting critical, immediate needs for the homeless, such as soup kitchens and shelters, but these safety net organizations are struggling to meet growing demand.

We know the solution that best addresses homelessness: housing. CCF has a long-standing commitment to increasing affordable housing in Los Angeles. Today, we are working with partners to create a viable strategy that will more than triple the annual production of permanent supportive housing units for the homeless in Los Angeles. To truly make an impact on homelessness in L.A. County, we must address both immediate and long-term needs. CCF provides resources to our nonprofit partners working on the ground to help the homeless access the emergency shelter, food and services they need today.

We also invest in longer-term solutions to accelerate the production of permanent supportive housing, which combines housing with mental and physical healthcare and social services for chronically homeless individuals.

To support the Home L.A. Fund and help ensure that all Angelenos have safe, secure homes and the services they need to thrive, visit calfund.org/homela.

This is part of a series of Giving Season posts to inspire generosity and positive change in Los Angeles County.